Whole-body Model-Predictive Control applied to the HRP-2 Humanoid


Controlling the robot with a permanently-updated optimal trajectory, also known as model predictive control, is the Holy Grail of whole-body motion generation. Before obtaining it, several challenges should be faced: computation cost, non-linear local minima, algorithm stability, etc. In this paper, we address the problem of applying the updated optimal control in real-time on the physical robot. In particular, we focus on the problems raised by the delays due to computation and by the differences between the real robot and the simulated model. Based on the optimal-control solver MuJoCo, we implemented a complete model-predictive controller and we applied it in real-time on the physical HRP-2 robot. It is the first time that such a whole-body model predictive controller is applied in real-time on a complex dynamic robot. Aside from the technical contributions cited above, the main contribution of this paper is to report the experimental results of this premiere implementation.

IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
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